Personal Finance 101: An Easy to Use Guide for Managing Your Money


6 weeks of financial strategies, personal stories, professional tips all tied up in feel-good, empowering workbooks, that will help you develop a personal strategy for getting a handle on your money.

We will take you through budgeting, managing debt, savings and investments, financial terms you should know, spotting fraud and bonus segment on financial independence.


Why do we struggle so much with our finances? What went wrong?

I bet you are more than familiar with the words living paycheck to paycheck, student loans, no emergency fund. Whoa! Thatโ€™s a lot.

The root issue is that most of us lack financial knowledge. A study shows that financial literacy in Africa ranges from 51% in Botswana (highest) to 15% in Somalia (lowest).

But why do we need financial literacy?

To keep our finances in shape

Economic challenges

Job Challenges

Longer life spans

Complexity of financial products

Limited Government support

What You Will Learn

  • How finance affects all of us
  • How to gain an understanding the financial world (Budgeting, managing debt, Savings and Investments, Financial Terms, spotting financial frauds, scams)
  • Gain the fundamental knowledge, skills, and tools of finance and the ability to apply them everywhere, in personal and professional situations
  • Different frameworks for decision-making
  • Acquire skills in using different decision-making tools, and learn to make sound personal and professional financial decisions
  • The concept of Time Value of Money (TVM) and apply related tools and frameworks to everyday decisions


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