We exist to challenge the status quo of what women in healthcare can do. We do this by offering a platform for women to be inspired by other African women in healthcare leadership. Because of this we have some of the best African women in healthcare as part of our community changing the impact of women in health one at a time.

Why WeRBinti?

What’s in a name?

A name can express our dreams, our aspirations, our hopes and our expectations.

Most African traditions, if not all, lay special importance to naming- at birth, at adoption, during times of crises, baptism, circumcision to name a few.

Names are mirrors of our deeply held hopes and profoundly felt institutions. They are a guide to pointing us to where we want to go and who we want to be.

#WeRBinti is all about women and women empowerment.
Binti is Swahili for young woman and as such our drive, our purpose is led by women for women.

Binti also means daughter, for we are daughters of Mother Africa. For her we must strive and build ourselves to greatness. We must support each other as daughters of one tribe, one nation, one earth.

Our Values

Values are what we as an organization stand for, they are the compass that guides our direction, our footprints.

#werbinti is all about inspired action, courage and connection.

Inspired action because what we do, who we are, we become

Courage because through our experiences we can grow and foster each other

Connection because we deepen the moment, build trust and ultimately inspire change

These values are what #werbinti lives by and we hope you can join us too in expressing them.