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Mentorship and sponsorship are key drivers of success, yet women can have a harder time finding mentors and sponsors, especially ones with influence. The good news is that we can be mentored by other women at any stage in our careers, and it pays off when we do. Women who are mentored by women feel more supported and are often more satisfied with their career.

You may not know it but a one on one mentorship program is just what you need. Mentoring is an experience of a lifetime. Most people who want to grow in their career feel the need for a mentor in their lives. Even organizations are now embracing mentoring as a part of their leadership development, employee satisfaction, and talent retention strategies.

Everyone has something to learn and something to teach.

Did you know mentees and mentors are…

6x more likely to be promoted

5x more likely to experience a salary increase

have a 72% higher retention rate

Who needs a one on one mentorship program?

The short answer to this question would be everyone, but the reasons may differ from person to person. It’s a myth that only young professionals and recent college grads need mentoring and seasoned professionals can mentor.

On one hand, mid-level employees, senior-level employees, and even CEOs benefit from mentoring. They learn new techniques, management skills, how to handle pressure, and perform best at their jobs.

On the other hand, being mentored by young professionals can close the generational gap, enhance digital skills in senior employees, and improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Mentoring is the ongoing support that everyone needs and everyone benefits from.

How does our program run?

You will get assigned four mentors in a six month period for different aspects of their career and lives depending on their immediate needs. Sessions are conducted online as mentors and mentees come from all over the world. You could request an in person session as well, if you prefer this method. You will have two sessions each month for one hour, during which you will discuss the pre-set agenda with your mentor.

  • Its relationship-oriented
  • It is development-driven
  • Experiential learning at its best
  • Mixed informal and formal approaches
  • All round development: professionally and personally

How Do You Get The Most out of the One on One Mentorship program?

  • Know what they want: A good mentee knows their priorities and what they want from the relationship. Whether they want to develop leadership skills, overcome career challenges, or grow their network- the goal is clear to them
  • Respect others’ time: This is a vital skill that a mentee requires. You get respect when you give respect. So mentees must value their mentors’ time. They are particular about their meetings, don’t keep the mentors waiting, postpone or cancel the meetings frequently.
  • Be open to feedback: Feedback is important for a mentee’s development; especially constructive feedback. If a mentee is not open to feedback, it’s impossible for them to grow. A good mentee is someone who can take feedback positively and work on it to improve themselves.

What do you get out of joining the one on one program?

  • Find your Ikigai (your why)
  • Build you professional network (PS: we have a huge network around the world that you can start from)
  • Enhance your communication skills
  • Identify your developmental objectives
  • Overcome obstacles you may be facing in your career
  • Refine your leadership philosophy
  • Broaden your perspective

Get Started putting your career on track. Get matched to the right mentor for you with data analytics from your submissions. We ask critical questions in five key sections and  calculate your perfect match!

That’s not all!!

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Have you had a great experience being mentored and now would love to help others. The become a mentor program is just for you.

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